• Our History
  • Our Mission
  • Our Board

Our History

The Jordan Hospital Club began in 1906 as a group of eight women who helped the hospital by wrapping bandages, sterilizing instruments and performing duties to aid the nursing staff.

Now, over 100 years after its founding, the Jordan Hospital Club has grown to more than 350 members.  Led by an active Board of Directors, hundreds of volunteers donate thousand of hours of service.  Through our signature events, we are able to make meaningful monetary contributions to Jordan Hospital.

Our largest annual event is the Polar Plunge which takes place on Plymouth Beach on the first Saturday of March.  Twelve years and running strong, the Polar Plunge has raised and donated over $1,000,000, to the Jordan Hospital Club Cancer Center.

Our Mission

"Excellence in healthcare, right here in our community, where and when we need it, requires our support and advocacy"

Our Board of Directors

President: Deborah Muido

Vice President: Kimberley Tracy

Recording Secretary: Andrea Sargis

Treasurer: Michelle Caruso

Membership Treasurer: Jean Callahan-Baker

Corresponding Secretary: Cynthia Carter



Wendy Begin

Alyssa Igo

Kristen Hall

Catherine McKenna

Laurie Caraher

Sandy Kozlowsky

Shelly Phillips

Kim Sims

Maggie Phaneuf

Sydney Porelle

Karyl Cargill

Cheryl Bramhall

Lisa O'Connor

Susan Warren

Ann Peck

Cynthia Carter

Kim Ballerene

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